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Shaving Mirror

The feeling of having been shaved clean and fresh is always such a very good experience. This is because what you basically do when you shave is you get rid of all the hairs in your body that you think should not be in there, such as hair under your arms, on your legs, thick, coarse hair on your arms, and for women, that dark fuzz under your lips. Shaving, therefore, can actually be a very liberating experience.

However, sometimes, shaving can turn to be more than a disaster. This is especially true when you encounter problems with shaving such as skin irritation, burning, nicks and cuts. According to some experts, these problems may actually be caused by simple glitches such as when you fail to check out properly what you were really running the razor against. This is where the shaving mirror comes in.

What is a shaving mirror

Shaving mirror, as the name itself suggests, is a reflective glass that is primarily used to guide you through whenever you shave. It is just the right size, shape and design to make shaving easier for you. So, how does the typical shaving mirror look like? The most common types of shaving mirror are built with a pedestal that you can mount on top of a desktop and has a circular mirror that features a "larger than normal" reflection so that you can closely see where you are running your razor against. This guides against developing scars or whatever dilemma may develop when you shave.

However, not all shaving mirror designs are mounted on a desk. There are also shaving mirrors that can be built against the wall, on the shower, above the sink, on top or against any other flat surface. Most shaving mirror designs allow you to tilt it to a direction that is just right for you to guard against getting those skin maladies that can be caused by shaving. While most types of shaving mirror are of circular design, there are also some shaving mirror designs that come in a rectangle or square shape. If the shape of the mirror is a quadrilateral, most often, it adopts a concave style that allows you to see through the mirror when you shave.

Innovations in shaving mirror designs

The newest shaving mirror designs feature other functionalities built in with the shaving mirror. Now, there are also types of shaving mirror that feature built-in radios allows you to perform have fun with the music while shaving. Some types of shaving mirror are also now being used as women's make up mirrors. These are commonly sold in specialty shops, hardware stores and may also be purchased online.

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